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Intuitive Touch To Manage Pain and Fear in Life Transition
"For anyone who is interested in personal and spiritual transformation, I highly recommend Healing Touch sessions with Jackie Vanacek. This form of holistic healing is excellent for providing relaxation and inner peace. Jackie's intuitive abilities are exceptional, providing me with insight and hands on touch that facilitated the release of negative physical and emotional energies. The sessions were invaluable for relieving my stress-related neck and shoulder pain, as well as for dissolving the fears associated with my own relationship and career transitions."

N. Nolden
Los Altos, CA, USA

Intuitive Touch As Complement to Conventional Medicine
"I have been receiving “Healing Touch” from Jackie Vanacek for several months. When I first met her, it was apparent to me that she had a special gift, for she could somehow “sense” where the problem areas in my body existed, in some cases where no medical diagnosis had been made. I was somewhat skeptical about this, but began to see her nonetheless. What seemed really amazing to me was her detection of traumas which I had actually forgotten about. More importantly, I had been in treatment for some stress-related physiological issues that arose following my job loss. While undergoing conventional medical treatment for these problems, I also started receiving the Healing Touch from Jackie. The rate at which my health improved was much faster than what was expected from the conventional medical approach. Doing both approaches at the same time appeared to have lasting positive benefit.

This experience convinced me that whatever healing had occurred during these Healing Touch energy treatments clearly accelerated the conventional treatment from the medical profession."

R.S. Nowicki
Sunnyvale , CA, USA

Intuitive Touch to Enhance Insight and Creativity
"Following a healing session with Jacqueline, my drawing during a live model drawing class was superb. Prior to the session, I was experiencing moderate creative block and fear when faced with the brisk pressure of "on demand"  3, 5 and 30 minute live model drawing classes.  My drawing jumped several paces since my Distance Healing Session. I felt the same intensity as in previous classes but with less fear and frustration. At times, my charcoal was making considerably more noise on the paper as though I was approaching the drawing more aggressively and confidently than the others around me. It most definitely felt easier to get to the essence of the form - this being the whole key to the creation of visual art. I can't find anything precise or concrete to say that the
Intuitive Touch Session was responsible but my approach was certainly much more fluid and assertive than during previous classes and much more than the usual growth of skill. A great feeling!

In the following days, I thought a lot about the healing session and considered that the success of it was also due in part to the follow up conversation I had with Jacqueline directly following the session. Jacqueline's sensitive manner, direction, and analysis were very insightful and reinforced the strength of the healing." 

N. Lynn, artist
Gent, Belgium

Intuitive Touch for Integrated Mind-Body-Spirit
"Jackie, I sincerely want to thank you for the times of inner peace you have brought me. Your healing touch is amazingly intuitive. Somehow, you provide for me a rare integration of mind, body and spirit. I've always left a session with you feeling both grounded and uplifted. I hope you continue to share this gift."

D. McMullan
San Jose, CA, USA

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